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An open platform for science on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

psiTurk by the numbers

The following statistics give insight into the operation of the psiTurk system. Some of these aggregate statistics may provide insights which may be useful to researchers.

Note: All of these statistics are error prone for various reasons (e.g., experimenter not using psiTurk properly, network errors, etc...). Due to various upgrades and evolving data schemas, there is a fair amount of missing or incomplete data.

Active Experimenters
Workers Served (*)
Ads Hosted (**)
Ad Views
psiturk launches
Exps Shared
Repeats blocked
stable version

p(complete | accept)

System Stats

These stats give real-time information about our system.

Work distribution
Distribution of completed tasks across workers.

Experiment sizes
Cumulative distribution of study sizes (N for different experiments placed in the same Ad Group). Of course this is biased by ongoing data collection and not all users of psiTurk are behavioral scientists (e.g., some might be art projects).

Current status message

This is the current status message users see when they launch the psiturk command line tool.

(*) counts unique workers who accepted a HIT but may not have completed it.
(**) counts ads which have had at least one person complete the task.
All numbers are approximate and may be subject to error.